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Septic and
Holding Tank Pumping

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Commercial, Industrial and Residential
Septic Tank Pumping

We maintain your septic tank by removing the build up of debris collected in the tank and dispose of the waste at WLSSD in Duluth. Periodic maintenance of your septic tank, average of every 3 years, helps keep your system working properly. Our vacuum truck holds 4,000 gallons. We provide vacuum truck services for holding tanks, septic tanks, lift stations, grease. traps, shop pits or whatever your vacuum truck needs might be.

Sewer & Drain Line Cleaning

We use power augers or high pressured water jetters to clear obstructions in your drain lines. We are able to clear obstructions in main lines, floor drains, sink and tub drains and toilets/urinals.

TV/Video Inspection &
Location Services

We can video inspect your sewer line to reveal any issues it may have and perform locating services to mark where your sewer line is located.

Pump Replacement Service

We carry a variety of replacement pumps in the event your sump, effluent or sewage ejection pump fails, we can replace it making your system functional again in a timely manner.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.
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For nearly 40 years, we at Midway Sewer Service have satisfied thousands of customers from everything to emergency services to pump replacements to drain inspections of sewer and septic systems for residential and commercial. As a family owned and operated business you get the benefit of talking directly to us about what service you need and what is involved with your particular situation and planning. See more About Us

Our professional, reliable staff is fast, efficient and courteous. When you choose Midway Sewer Service, you receive skillful sewer, drain and septic technicians who give the best in individual attention with a staff that has been proudly serving the greater Duluth/Superior areas since 1977. Midway Sewer Service is MPCA Certified.

Our services include:

o Pipe Jetting
o Septic and Holding Tank Pumping
o Sewer and Drain Line Cleaning
o Sewer Pipe Thawing

o Underground Pipe Locating
o Vacuum Truck Services
o Video Inspection of Sewer Drains

Replacement Pumps:

o Effluent Pumps
o Sewage Ejection Pumps
o Sump Pumps

Before getting started on the service call, Midway Sewer Service will access and evaluate what is needed, review all our findings with you, and answer your questions. We get to the bottom of the issues and make the changes and pump replacements as needed. Midway Sewer Service will answer any of your questions. Our promise to our customers is to work professionally and efficiently to the best possible satisfaction for the long run.